Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about ALYNDA LLC

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Where did the name ALYNDA come from?

The name was created by combining the names of Austin's most powerful influences: Alyson + Melinda. The social enterprise idea was provoked through a desire to impact public health, educate about preventive healthcare, and connect business with social empowerment.    


How can I help ALYNDA?

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What is ALYNDA's Long-Term Strategy?

ALYNDA's goal is to provide education, programming, and services to promote foot and ankle health to the general public. We are particularly concerned with diabetes mellitus and its devastating effects on the lower extremity. We are passionate about paying special attention to preventing these complications in the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled population. 

    ALYNDA Vision: A world no longer suffering from preventable diseases and complications.

    ALYNDA Mission: Provide products and services addressing public health issues using innovative strategies and solutions

    ALYNDA Focus: ALYNDA is specifically concerned about the lower extremity health of the general population including prevention of complications related to diabetic foot disease. ALYNDA is also particularly focused on the Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled population due to the community's long-standing health disparities. 

    ALYNDA Objectives:

    • Educate the public about public health prevention strategies for diabetes mellitus, general foot care, and care for the disabled population
    • Provide health promotion for podiatry care, public health prevention, and diabetes prevention

    ALYNDA Goals:

    • Enhance the capacity of professionals who work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Promote the development of a society that fully includes individuals with intellectual and developmental disability
    • Sustain an effective, responsive, well managed, and responsibility-governed organization

    What is a Social Enterprise?

    • Most entrepreneurs are singularly motivated by making a profit. A social entrepreneur is driven more by passion to solve a social problem, and only uses business as a mechanism to solve the problem.
    • Social enterprises are characterized by their "triple bottom line" - utilizing business practices that lead to social, environmental, and economic profitability.